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Home Valuation

Whether you’re considering buying a new home, selling, or refinancing your existing property, getting a clear picture of the home’s value is a crucial factor in making a smart decision. is offering up a basket full of information for you to have the data to make the decision that's best for you and your family including a home valuation and much more.

Area Analysis

An informed client is the best type of client to have in our opinion. Knowing the data and statistics about how homes are selling in your area is vital for any homeowner. Whether you need to sell your home now, possibly want to sell within the next two years, or you just want to know how much equity you have gained since your purchase. You can request the most accurate information you need for your area from us!

The Avenues Marketing Solutions

The two BIGGEST factors of whether or not your home gets sold are having it priced correctly and the avenues which are used to properly market your home. The best way for any REALTOR® to show their value is by using the market data and information available combined with the habits of qualified home buyers for the sole purpose of getting your home in front of as many of those buyers and their agents as possible. We've spent years of combining marketing research, consumer data, and analytics to create a one of a kind marketing solution to benefit our clients to get their home sold for the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest headaches possible!

For Sale By Owners

REALTORS® pledge to a code of ethics to serve the best interest of our clients. Our interpretation of that pledge means that we should have the best knowledge of what homes are available or potentially available for sale including For Sale By Owners (FSBOs). We put an emphasis on keeping track of these homeowners and providing them high-quality information to help them find their avenue in their home selling journey. Meeting with homeowners and helping them has great benefits for our team in learning more about the market and helping them achieve their goals.

15 Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home

Are you or someone you know thinking about putting a home on the market soon or just put a home up for sale? We're here to help with 15 things you should definitely think about doing before or just after putting your property up for sale. Number 13 is probably our favorite tip that many people don't think about! Take a look at these great steps to do whenever your home is going on the market. 

Home Sellers Roadmap

Get a visual look at a road map we've created just for homeowners who are looking to put their home up for sale. Our roadmap is a quick and easy to understand informational guide to help you prepare for the home selling process.

Already Prepared to Start Down Your Avenue Home?

We would love to give you a personalized road map to accomplish your real estate goals and more...

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