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It was all a dream! is a culmination of over a decade of thoughts, ideas, marketing research, blood, sweat, and tears (at times). Our team takes a customer-centric approach wrapped in the latest tools, market data, and analytics to provide an unmatched customer experience. Lead by Rinaldi Jacobs Jr., a REALTOR® & Marketing eXpert with eXp Realty, LLC, we're solely focused on filling the holes that the real estate industry tends to leave open including client communication and consistent follow-up. Our team uses some of the most creative marketing strategies and innovative tools to get qualified buyers in front of motivated sellers, ultimately getting deals closed!

eXp Realty is an agent-owned, cloud-based real estate brokerage that has some great advantages for agents and clients alike. The cloud-based brokerage model allows agents from all across the globe to meet at once, share ideas, tools, strategies, training, and information at a pace that is needed in the digitally instant environment that you expect. If you think about the traditional brokerage office structure, an agent is limited to the information, skills, and resources of everyone in that one office. You can only learn from those who are around you who are willing to provide useful insight and information to help you grow and develop. The cloud-based environment smashes this limitation by giving agents the ability to collaborate quickly and seamlessly across the globe. If you take these benefits, and entrench them with the company's core values, you cultivate the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the world! Here's a diagram of our brokerage's core values:

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