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Getting Qualified to Purchase a Home

Many people still feel that purchasing a home is still a huge part of the American dream! Let’s face it, buying a home is going to be the biggest financial decision that many people make in their lives and it’s important to ensure that you’re prepared and knowledgeable when pursuing a home to call your own. Our team has prepared a guide to help buyers get ready to start down the avenue of purchasing a home with these eight things you should know!

The Home Purchase Roadmap

In order to know where you’re going whenever starting on a new journey, it’s important to have a guide to know how to get to where you want to be before you start. We’ve created this visual graphic for our potential home buyers to use as a map resource to help guide you down the right avenue to purchasing a home.

"Hidden" Home Ownership Benefits

There are many obvious homeownership benefits that most people know about. From the little things, we take for granted like having a roof over our heads to the current tax benefits. How many people know about the “Hidden” homeownership benefits that are available to help grow the wealth of more Americans than any other investment vehicle? I’ll let you in on the secrets!

House Hunting Checklist

If you're going to look at a potential home that you're interested in, our House Hunting Checklist is a must-have item to take with you on your journey. By having our checklist at your disposal, it will simplify the home walkthrough to ensure that you don't miss any details and make note of what was important to you.

Already Prepared to Start Down Your Avenue Home?

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